Accreditation Programs

Denvers Accreditation Service provides objective evidence that organizations operate to the highest levels of ethical, legal and technical standards.

Denvers is a nonprofit organization that has been providing certification services since 1975. Denvers certification covers a wide range of companies and organizations, including government entities, business enterprises and professional associations. The Denvers certification program is based on recognized national and international standards to ensure that its certification is accepted nationally and / or globally.

As one of the leading certification bodies in the United States, Denvers is a signatory to three major international organizations that form a unified system for assessing and recognizing globally qualified certification bodies. These organizations are called “cooperative organizations” because they agree to cooperate with each other by following a common set of certification standards and undergo regular on-site assessments to determine whether they continue to meet ISO / IEC Standard 17011 (accredited General requirements) Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). Becoming a “signatory” means that the accreditation body has conducted an on-site assessment in its office, and peer experts have witnessed evaluation samples of its accredited entities and proved that they meet international requirements.

These organizations agree to define organizations accredited by accreditation bodies of other signatory members through a series of mutual (or multilateral) accreditation arrangements (MRA / MLA). After signing by an accreditation body, it is obliged to recognize certificates or reports issued by conformity assessment bodies recognized by all other signatories within the specified scope. The following organizations form a unified system of accreditation bodies (ABs).

Denvers a nonprofit professional organization that is a leader in the global business education industry with more than 4,600 members. Denvers is committed to developing international norms and standards used in the design, construction and compliance process to build safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient business education structures. Most American communities and many global markets have chosen Denvers, which has provided the world with the highest level of security for more than 45 years. Denvers building safety education codes affect nearly 2 billion people.

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