How to Effectively Manage a Remote Team

With the rise of digital entrepreneurs came the need to have virtual teams. Finding remote employees and getting them on board is one part of the equation. Then comes the time to start managing them.How do we manage remote teams effectively? How to make sure they understand their responsibilities correctly and are really working onContinue reading “How to Effectively Manage a Remote Team”

Leaders, Are You Ready to Manage Remote Teams?

Workers want to be remote but is your management team prepared? Is there a talent shortage? We struggle to attract and keep talented people. A gathering of technical leaders and city counselors convened recently to talk about our workplaces. We spoke on the increased challenge of finding qualified people. People are needed to fill engineering,Continue reading “Leaders, Are You Ready to Manage Remote Teams?”

How Sociology Faces Real Problems in Chinese Society

Yan Fei: Forty years of reform and opening up, economists have played a leading role. When the economic level reaches a certain level, structural ills will be exposed. At this time, the voice and intervention of sociology are needed. (One) In Shijingshan District, Beijing, there is a migrant child school, Huangzhuang School. This is theContinue reading “How Sociology Faces Real Problems in Chinese Society”

How the Japanese Concept Can Turn Your Life

The coincidence is about caring for moments, not luck Deep in the narrow streets of Gion, in the heart of Kyoto, there is a rustic Shachetsu, or a tea house. This ancient neighborhood is home to the last geishas and the unspeakable secrets of how to fade life; in the spring, its carpet is pebbledContinue reading “How the Japanese Concept Can Turn Your Life”

Your productivity depends on how your office is arranged

Advice from nine design, functional, and organizational experts on making your space work for you If your job requires you to sit at an office, you may spend more waking hours in this office every day than you do in your home (or in any other part of your home, if this is where youContinue reading “Your productivity depends on how your office is arranged”