How the Japanese Concept Can Turn Your Life

The coincidence is about caring for moments, not luck Deep in the narrow streets of Gion, in the heart of Kyoto, there is a rustic Shachetsu, or a tea house. This ancient neighborhood is home to the last geishas and the unspeakable secrets of how to fade life; in the spring, its carpet is pebbledContinue reading “How the Japanese Concept Can Turn Your Life”

How to Ask for a Salary Raise – The Guide

For many people, one of the most tedious and confusing conversations they can have with their manager is about money. Let’s say this is you. You’ve worked hard and done your research, believing that you deserve an increase. So how much do you ask and when? Here is your guide. How much to ask forContinue reading “How to Ask for a Salary Raise – The Guide”

Procrastination is a Relationship Issue

Fear of letting others down is the enemy of productivity Nancy’s New Year’s decision was to start treatment, but she didn’t show up in my office until April. In the defense, she participated in troubles about deadlines. Nancy, who works remotely as a pop culture journalist on a popular website, told me at our conferenceContinue reading “Procrastination is a Relationship Issue”

How TV Series Triggered the Disintegration of Western Civilization

I want to discuss a popular TV show with my wife, and I’ve been drinking and watching on Netflix. This is the story of a family, a scientific person, a talented crowd. Under his own selfishness, he slowly fell into madness and despair. Time and time again, he became a monster. I’m talking about friendsContinue reading “How TV Series Triggered the Disintegration of Western Civilization”

No-one Teaches you the Most Important Skills

Before his death at the age of 39, Blaise Pascal made great contributions to physics and mathematics, especially in fluids, geometry, and probability. However, this work will not only have an impact on the field of natural sciences. In fact, many of the areas we now classify under the heading of social science do comeContinue reading “No-one Teaches you the Most Important Skills”